Heroic Weakness

Judges 6:12-16 Heroism is seen in humbly recognizing success is a gift from God.

July 21, 2019

Fear Not

Pastor Jeff preaches on Moses and how God relinquishes our fear.

July 12, 2019


Heroic Leadership

Judges 4:1- 24 God uses the Leadership of women to mobilize people.

June 23, 2019


Heroic Faith

Joshua 24: 14-28 Courageous leadership is about following Gods word and getting rid of putting aside the false gods of our father.

June 16th, 2019


Moses: Reluctant Hero

Exodus 3:10-15 Moses asked two heroic questions we need to answer: Who am I and who are you (God).

June 9, 2019



Genesis 39:2-23 God is the hero of the Bible. Joseph’s heroic acts were to do right; keep his heart tender and recognize God’s work and forgive those who harmed him.

June 2, 2019