One Another

Love One Another

John 13: 34-35, 15: 12-17 We can love one another because we are loved by God.

January 17th, 2021

Global Outreach

Reaching Distant Shores

Mark 4:35-41 God wants to do something new in us so he can do something new through us.

January 10, 2021

Finding Jesus

On the Journey

Acts 19:1-10 Faith is a journey that leads us into a Salvation experience.


Finding Jesus

Through Religion

Acts 17:16-33 God reaches us where we are.


Finding Jesus

At Christmas

Luke 2: 1-20

December 24, 2020

Finding Jesus


*Matthew 2:1-12 What is God using to point you to Jesus.

December 20th 2020

Finding Jesus


Luke 24:13-35 Finding Jesus is the most important thing anyone will do. It involves supernatural revelation.

December 13, 2020