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Kids are a big deal at Christian Life Church! Discover the many opportunities for your children to encounter God, make friends, grow up godly, and learn to serve.

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We love that students are full of energy and creativity! We have many opportunities for students to experience God’s love, learn to serve and make life long friendships.

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Christian Life Church Adults


We have many opportunities for adults to connect and grow in their faith outside of a Sunday Morning Service.

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Christian Life Church Support


We all have times in our life when we need a little extra help. Whether you’re going through a divorce, battling an addiction or need help figuring out your finances, you’ll find the support you need at Christian Life Church

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Ways to Serve

Use your gifts and share your faith

God has uniquely designed and gifted you! We want to help you use what God has placed in you to serve.

Great opportunities to serve in our community are mentoring men recently released from incarceration through the Tee Box transitional living house; helping people with house and outdoor projects through the Toolbox (April through November) or providing and serving a meal for people who need help with food or who may be lonely through the Tuesday evening Welcome Table.

We take seriously our responsibility to to reach people in all corners of the world. With prayer and finances we support more than 70 missionary families and projects around the world. It is a huge part of what we do.

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